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After a personal conversation, I create and design your individual hat - according to your taste. Each piece from my collection is unique,

I offer individual advice tailored to your type and wardrobe,

looks good on your face and is perfectly adapted to you.


Here you see some models from my constantly changing collection.

Come by my hat studio and get professional advice.


Do you like one of the models shown?

You can easily order it online.

hat size

How do I measure my head circumference?

You determine your hat size by putting a measuring tape around your head. If you have long hair, wear your hair open to measure. Place the tape measure 1cm above the ears. The measurement determined in this way represents your hat size.


inner workings

Of course, the inner workings of the hats are also something special! It is not only particularly beautiful, but also matches every new hat. 


The inner lining is made of 100% silk. The design is a limited art edition. Drawn by Fiona K. Made in Switzerland.

 Since I work according to the principle of availability, the inner lining can vary accordingly.

The sweatband made from the finest calfskin is also made in Switzerland and tanned naturally.

It is the inner values that count.


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